Kill Cancer with Soursop

By Anggita Thursday, November 29, 2012

Besides useful as a juice, soursop apparently has many benefits for health. One way to overcome cancer. Never underestimate the soursop fruit. Although so far only be consumed in the form of juice, but the benefits of soursop is extraordinary.

Of research scientists, soursop is good to maintain and overcome health problems. Such as heart problems, liver, asthma, arthritis and the most astonishing soursop can handle various types of cancer.

Soursop plant parts, including leaves and fruits, contains a compound that is quite valuable, such as fructose, fat, protein, calcium, phosphorus, iron, vitamin A, vitamin B. Secondary metabolites contained in it is a compound class of tannins, phytosterols and alkaloids.

A compound that attracted the attention of researchers is asetogenin. This is a specific compound contained in the plant tribe Annonaceae, which is closely related to the efficacy of anti-tumor activity, anti-bacterial and insecticide.

From the research, asetogenin contained in soursop can be used to hit the colon cancer cells, pancreatic, ovarian, colon, breast, liver, cervix.

Another study with animal experiments do suggest the presence of antioxidant activity of compounds content of soursop. If that is true, then surely one anti-cancer properties associated with the ability of the compound to protect healthy cells from damage that triggers cancer attacks.

In traditional Indian medicine system Ayurveda, soursop has a formidable reputation as an anticancer. Support studies show, the leaves of this plant contains compounds called bullatasin asetogenin of Annona other fruit crops, namely Annona atemoya.

This compound was found to induce apoptosis. Asetogenin other compounds, namely murisin, murikatetrosin, longifolisin, korossolin and korossolan proven to provide positive results as a cytotoxic against tumor cells.
Coping with diabetes

One application of interest to researchers is to control the rise in blood sugar levels of diabetes alias. This type of research to prove efficacy as an anti-diabetic is quite varied so that the mechanism of action is slowly beginning to be revealed.

A study conducted to prove the mechanism of action of antidiabetic soursop leaf extract proved the presence of regenerating pancreatic islet cells in mice. The results were encouraging, the use of leaf extracts can improve the function of insulin-producing glands as necessary diabetics.

 Processing and Use

A simple way to consume soursop fruit is a fruit that has been peeled soften, remove the seeds and strain by adding water little by little. Screening results can then be directly consumed by the addition of a little honey to overcome the sour taste.

The addition of sugar and honey is not recommended in patients with diabetes, and therefore must try to love the original flavor of soursop fruit. For people who experience stomach upset, it is advisable to fill the stomach beforehand to prevent the disease.

Pregnant and nursing women should not be eating soursop leaf stew, but it eat soursop fruit taste still allowed. *

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