Who Doesn't Like Durian?

By Anggita Saturday, November 10, 2012

They say, durian is dangerous because it can lead to increased cholesterol in the blood. However, fortunately they are fond of and does not abstain from eating King of Fruits that. For durian is very nutritious. Fruit contains vitamins B, C, E and iron.

Many uses for health durian. Besides containing vitamins above, other uses durian is:
- Extract the skin and the fruit can be used to treat swelling and skin diseases.
- Contrary to popular belief, durians actually help lower blood cholesterol levels.
- Durian also serves as a blood purifier.
- Durian contains many amino acid tryptophan, which is useful to reduce the anxiety, depression and insomnia cure.
- Eating durian also creates a sense of happiness because this fruit increases levels of serotonin in the brain.
- Durian contains many soft protein, allowing it to be consumed by those who want to build muscle.
- Durian is also a first-class aphrodisiac.
- Also recommended as a source of raw fat.
Although has many functions, it does not mean we have to eat this fruit in excess amounts. All in good proportion. Pregnant women and people suffering from hypertension is not recommended to eat durian.
Actually ate 100 grams of durian was enough. Because, in 100 gram alone is relatively a lot of nutrients that we get.
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