Is Fresh Milk Nutrition Better?

By Anggita Friday, November 9, 2012

It seemed no one doubts the value of nutrients contained in milk. Milk is a source of protein, fats, vitamins, and minerals need to be consumed to meet the nutritional needs of the family. However, the milk becomes inadequate food consumption if not handled properly.

Currently on the market are available a variety of dairy products, some in the form of powder, condensed milk, or fresh milk. However, the sweetened condensed milk is not too recommended for daily consumption because of high sugar content.
Fresh milk, according to Dr. Samuel Oetoro, SpGK from Clover Clinic, have advantages over sweetened condensed milk or milk powder for the treatment process so that no excessive nutrients less wastage.
"Fresh milk, both in-pasteurized milk or UHT (ultrahigh temperature), both have the advantage of high nutritional value. Addition, the milk is ready to drink milk flavor more pronounced," he said.
While milk powder, a liquid milk processing process is dried, according to Dr. Samuel, will lose some nutrients. "Indeed, in this day and age supplemented milk powder, nutrients lost in processing will be added again. However, if you want to choose a natural, of course, the choice of fresh milk," he said.
However, powdered milk has the advantage of durability and practical because it's easy to carry. In the meantime, if you prefer fresh milk directly purchased from a breeder, Dr. Samuel reminded the importance of seeking a safe source of milk.
"Although it is natural, but select farms that maintain the quality of its products. Consider whether the animal food that contain contaminants or do not," he said.
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